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Dermalogica's concepts

Dermalogica's concepts help break the ice with skin-savvy consumers and bring our products to life! Inspired by our educational roots, we've created interactive, hands-on experiences that hook new clients, inspire your staff, and pull in clients who keep coming back for more.

From treatment room to take-home, Face Mapping skin analysis is a professional's greatest weapon for results.  Combine with Skin Bar, the interactive product playground featuring your professional skin health advice, and you'll boost retail sales far above current revenues.  Even non-licensed sales staff can get in on the action with speed mapping, the simple question and answer session that recommends 5 Dermalogica must-have products in just 5 minutes.

These concepts act as a channel leading towards professional services and treatments - all to help retain clients and cover the core four areas of a successful skin therapy business.  From skin health solutions on-the-spot through targeted 20-minute MicroZone Treatments to our 60-minute Skin Treatment for total skin health, you'll adapt the treatment every step of the way.

All of our concepts make each experience unique to the client. That means no stale treatments, no mere "steaming and creaming," and no business as usual. Stand on the shoulders of Dermalogica's concepts, proven to build your business and create a unique experience that always delivers results.

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